We hope that any queries you may have will be covered in the answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions; if not, please contact the Booking Secretary at admin@lurgashallvillagehall.org

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How many people can the Hall accommodate?

Up to 70 people may be seated at tables for dining or cabaret-style events, and up to 100 for theatre-style performances. The standing-only capacity of the Hall is 120 people.

How big is the Hall?

The Main Hall is 28 ft (8.5m) x 32 ft (9.8m) long; ceiling height variable, see photo gallery. The stage is 16 ft (4.9m) wide x 12ft (3.7m) deep.

What arrangements are there for disabled access?

There are 2 spaces at the front of the Hall designated for Disabled Parking. There is a lowered kerbside to facilitate wheelchair access to the Hall.  There is a designated Disabled toilet.  There is no disabled access to the kitchen or stage but all other areas are fully accessible.

Does the Hall have a stage, lighting and a sound system?

The Hall does have a stage (although there is no disabled access to the stage) with curtains but does not have stage lighting; this is usually provided by hirers or the entertainment acts booked by hirers.

The Hall has a state-of-the-art audio-visual system with built-in projector and screen; if hirers wish to use this, please make arrangements in advance through the Booking Secretary.

Does the Hall have Wi-Fi access?

Yes.  If you would like to have access during your hire, please notify the Booking Secretary when you make your booking and you will be given the access code just before your hire date.

Is there seating outside the Hall, or additional recreational space?

No; while there is a large forecourt (suitable for barbeque equipment), a car park at the rear and a small grassed area to the side of the Hall, there are no tables and chairs outside. There is a well equipped children’s playground nearby.

How many cars can the car park accommodate?

14 cars can be parked in the car park behind the Hall. If the Car Park is full, please ensure that any parking in the road near the Hall does not inconvenience those living nearby and does not prevent access by emergency vehicles.

How can I get access to the Hall?

Usually the key to the Hall is collected from and left with the Village Shop which is located on Lurgashall village green, just a few minutes’ walk from the Hall.

The Village Shop is open Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm; Sunday 10am – 1pm.

If it is not convenient to collect the key from the Shop or to return it there, other arrangements may be made with the Booking Secretary.

I am having a party/event and alcohol will be available for consumption but will not be sold; what do I have to do?

If you are providing alcohol free of charge and/or your guests/attendees are bringing their own alcohol, then a Personal Licence Holder (see answer to the question below) does not have to be in attendance to supervise but the Alcohol Licence Form must still be completed and returned with your Booking Form.

I am going to run a cash bar for the sale of alcoholic and other drinks at my party/event; what do I have to do?

Please notify the Booking Secretary when enquiring about a booking; you will be asked to confirm that the Hirer is over 21 and that the event is not a birthday or other form of celebration for 18 – 21 year olds as this type of booking is usually not accepted.

You must by law (Licensing Act 2003) as well as in order to comply with the Hall’s own Terms & Conditions, ensure that the consumption of alcohol is supervised by a Personal Licence Holder (PLH). The Hall has the services of a PLH who, subject to availability, is usually willing to run the bar for such events at a cost of £30 payable to the Hall.

If you want to arrange for your own PLH to supervise the consumption of alcohol, details of that person must be provided to the Booking Secretary so that they may be approved by the Hall’s PLH before the booking can be confirmed. There will be an administration fee of £35.

You must complete, sign and return the Alcohol Licence Form in order to confirm that you are aware of the conditions applying to the hire of the Hall in these circumstances.

Please note that if you are holding a meeting or event and alcohol is available in return for a donation (or as part of the ticket price), then this is construed as the sale of alcohol and the procedures set out above are applicable.

I want to hire a band/disco or bring in entertainers for a (children’s) party; do I need permission?

Please inform the Booking Secretary when making your booking. Please note that indoor bouncy castles and confetti cannons are not permitted. Please refrain from allowing the use of ‘silly string’ spray foam or any other materials that maybe difficult to remove from the floor, walls, blinds, stage curtains or furniture.

Why does my party have to end at midnight?

The Hall is close to many houses and it would be inconsiderate to those living nearby to allow parties and events to continue past midnight. Hirers must ensure that all music ends by 11:30pm and alcohol no longer served after this time.

What does the hire charge for the Hall include? 

The hire charge includes the use of all of the Hall’s facilities and equipment, including the fully-equipped kitchen, but we ask hirers to bring their own tea towels and table cloths.

The hire charge does NOT include access to or use of the small meeting/ archive room to the side of the main hall.

Does the hire charge include the cost of cleaning the Hall?

Hirers are expected to leave the Hall and its equipment clean and tidy, with everything put back the way they found it and ready for the next hire. If you want to be able to go back the Hall the morning after a party, for example, to clear up, then please arrange this with the Booking Secretary when making your booking.

If the Hall requires cleaning after your hire, there will be a charge at the rate of £15 per hour for the Caretaker to do this work.

Are there any other charges (i.e. for heating or lighting) payable when hiring the Hall?

No, the hire fees are inclusive of these costs for the period of hire. If you want the heating to be put on more than two hours in advance of the period of hire, there will be a charge of £10 per hour.

Can I pay by bank transfer or PayPal?

Bank transfer details for online payment of hire charges are given on the Booking Form. We cannot accept payment by PayPal.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Deposits are only required for certain types of event and will be discussed and agreed with the Booking Secretary at the time of booking.

In the event that there is any damage arising from the hire of the Hall or the equipment, or the Hall is not left clean and tidy, then the Booking Secretary will contact you to advise you of the cost of repair or replacement or of the charge for cleaning (£15 per hour) and to discuss with you the payment of this cost.

What if I want to cancel a booking?

There is no cancellation charge.  Please give as much notice as possible so that an alternative booking can be accepted.