Lurgashall Archive

Welcome to the website page exploring the history of Lurgashall Parish

The Archive room at the Village Hall is open to visitors in AUGUST on Wed 17th August, 2.30-5pm and Wed 31st August, 2.30-5pm.

Contact: Sarah Matthews

Archive Summer Quiz!

We hope you enjoy these quiz questions from the Archive – answers next month, with background stories and some photos.

  1. What was the cricket pavilion on the village green before it was a cricket pavilion?
  2. Which famous historical figure stayed at Blackdown House in the mid-17th century?
  3. Which famous aviator couple lived at Sarnsfield (then called Belfairs) on Jobsons Lane between the wars?
  4. Which England cricket captain, whose parents farmed at Roundhurst, was chief Air Raid Warden for Lurgashall during WW2?
  5. What is the current approximate population of Lurgashall Parish? And what was the population size c.100 years ago?
  6. There used to be two schools in Lurgashall – one on the village green and one at Roundhurst. When did they close?
  7. When were the first Greengates estate houses built? And when was the rest of the estate built?
  8. How many Lurgashall cricket team players have won the Horns at the Ebernoe Horn Fair since 1966? Bonus points if you can name them!
  9. What business or trade was run at Dial House on Dial Green in the late 1890s and early 1900s?
  10. Lavant Hill House, Navant Hill Farm… The road up to Hillgrove, is it Lavant Hill…. or Navant Hill?!