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Since re-opening our Village Hall in early August, there have been several meetings held at the Hall, along with the return of pilates classes.

The meetings were conducted successfully, with one of the organisers reporting that they ‘felt very safe and (there was) plenty of space for the 10 attendees with social distancing’.

For the pilates classes, mat positions were pre-determined and marked out for clarity; the teacher has shared her own Risk Assessment with us and it is thorough and fully compliant with the Hall’s  Covid-19 safety protocols.  She has also established a register of participants in order to fulfil ‘track & trace’ regulations – now a mandatory Government requirement.

Thank you to all those who have fully and willingly complied with our guidelines to help make our Hall a safe place to meet in these difficult times.

‘Rule of 6’: the Government’s Guidance for Community Facilities has been re-issued following the instigation of the new ‘Rule of 6’ on 14th September.  It confirms that Covid-19 secure halls can continue to host more than 6 people in total from this date, within their current capacity limits and if people are in household groups of no more than 6 and socially distanced from other individuals or household groups.

‘Test and Trace’ contact details: it is now mandatory for organisers of events at the Hall to take the contact details of all attendees, keep the details safe for three weeks and then destroy them.  The Hall does not need to know these contact details (in line with data protection regulations).

The Village Hall Management Committee has taken all steps necessary to ensure that the Hall is as Covid-19 safe as possible and it will continue to be maintained to a very high standard.

Hirers and users have new responsibilities too.  These are set out in a Covid-related Addendum (last updated 16 Sept.) to our standard Terms & Conditions.

As Trustees, the Village Hall Management Committee has the right to approve those events which meet all Government rules and the Hall’s Covid-19 safety criteria – and to decline those which do not.

Please check with the Booking Secretary at admin@lurgashallvillagehall.org if you are considering organising an event at the Hall.

Thank you again for your understanding and support.

Lurgashall Village Hall Management Committee

16 September 2020